About us

Established in 2011, JM International Inc. is a subsidiary company of Joongil Inc(www.joong-il.com).
which was established in 1976 , and is a professional trade company.

A wide range of networks with international friends have been built by importing raw materials from 10 countries.
And a business department for Potlucktrip opened this year by recognizing the potential of exchanges of peace, culture, and education by travels.

At Potlucktrip, you can be friends with foreigners, visit them, and experience local culture while you are staying.
Moreover, you can invite friends living abroad, make valuable friendships and share happy time and memories together.

You can save travel expenses by spending like local people, and communicate with diverse foreign friends in a noncommercial way.

Hiking with a Chinese friend while staying at his/her place during weekends meanwhile business trip to China.
Experiencing a nearby hot springs with a local Japanese friend.
Riding a motor cycle along a shore with a local Korean friend.
Surfing at a unique surfing site with a local Australian friend.

Potlucktrip will do the best for fun experiences with diverse friends.