Exchange guideline tips

1. Please contact at least 1 week in advance to set up the schedule of exchange for a satisfactory exchange. Set the meeting time and also the end time to some extent.

2. If it is inevitable to change your schedule due to your personal schedule, we recommend you to notice the other party a week beforehand and notify you at least two days in advance. If not, the penalty will be paid to the opponent.

3. Host have to make sure to check guests sends a new message, wether the message was sent or not. Avoid going to the appointment place if date and place of appointment isn't agreed till the day before meeting.

4. Try to meet before sunset in consideration of the guest, and meet at a place where there is not lots of crowd and a good free public Wi-Fi connection. Guest might be late, because they are not accustomed to using local transport so it will be nice for you to provide guidance by pictures. Guests are also advised to use Google Maps locally to prevent errors due to the complexity of public transportation lines and to identify their current location with WiFi.

5. Conversation Etiquette : Avoid sensitive topics such as Religion, Politics, Salary etc.

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