We recommend you "Potluck Trip"!

Potluck Trip is a platform that links travellers and local people of the country they are visiting.

By January 2017, Potluck Trip have more than 1200 active members from 30 different countries worldwide especially from the Asia continent.

Effective Travel

Friendship with a foreign friend

Safe travel

Become friends with local people and experience a life changing friendship.

It's not just a trip to a famous tourist attraction that everyone can go, but to experience the area well and hear it from a local point of view.

It's best to hang out and communicate with local people where you can get a lot of great information that only they know, useful information when you travel, and much more.
Most importantly, you can make friends in a foreign place for you!

Collect "Trips" and use it when you travel!

A local friend can use Trips to interact with travelers and use them to meet local friends on their travels.
Trips will be transferred until the exchange (such as a meet-up) has been completed. This will enhance the stability and satisfaction of the exchange.