Privacy Policy

1. JM International (, "Potluck Trip") handles personal information solely for the following purposes.

- To verify the customer's desire to register for membership; to verify and and authenticate user identity to provide service to the customer; to maintain and manage membership eligibility; to process transactions for goods or services; and to supply and distribute goods or services.


2. Processing Personal Information and Duration of Possession

    ① Potluck Trip will process and possess personal information according to the duration of use and possession as agreed by the user when the personal information was first collected, or in accordance with the duration established by relevant laws.

    ② Specifically, the duration of processing and possessing personal information are as follows:

☞ The following examples are referred to in order to define personal information processes, and to stipulate the duration of possessing personal information, related regulations, and basis for possession of personal information.

    - Customer registration and management: until the termination of the usage contract or membership; in the case of any outstanding bond / debt relations, until such bond / debt has been resolved.

    - To maintain records for contracts, cancellations, payments, currency of electronic transactions: 5 years. 


3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Potluck Trip does not provide personal information to third parties except for cases in which the originating member provides consent, or to comply with special legal regulations such as the Article 17 of Privacy Protection Act.


4. Exercising the Rights and Responsibilities as Originator of Personal Information Users can exercise the following rights as the originators of personal information.

① The originator may exercise his or her rights on personal information for any of the following at any time regarding Potluck Trip.

  • Request to view personal information

  •  Demand changes to correct any errors

  •  Demand deletion

  •  Demand cessation of processing personal information


5. Personal Information to be Processed 

①Potluck Trip processes the following types of personal information.


    - Required: Email, Password

    - Optional: Mobile phone number, home address, gender, date of birth, name


6. Destruction of Personal Information

As a rule, Potluck Trip deletes personal information without hesitation once the purpose of processing said information has been fulfilled. The procedures, duration, and method of such destruction are as follows:

- Once it has fulfilled its purpose, personal information subject to destruction is moved to another separate database (or a separate document for hard copies) where it will be stored for a certain period depending on the internal guidelines and other relevant laws, or destroyed immediately. The personal information moved to the separate database will not be used for any purpose other than as required by law. - Personal information subject to destruction will be destroyed five days within the expiration of the possession period; for personal information deemed unneeded due to completion of the purpose, termination of the respective service, or end of business shall be destroyed within 5 days of such information being deemed unnecessary. 


7. Securing Personal Information

Potluck Trip has taken the necessary technical, managerial, and physical steps to ensure the safety of personal information in accordance with the Article 29, Personal Information Protection Act.

 • Minimal Access and Training

     The number of staff handling personal information shall be minimal and limited to the relevant managers to better manage persona information. 

 •  Encryption of Personal Information

     All passwords are encrypted prior to saving and storage. Only the creator can know the password. Important data are protected via additional security measures including encrypting the file and transfers, or locking the files.

 • Storage of Access Records and Prevention of Tampering

     The log of access to the personal information processing system shall be stored and managed for six (6) months or above. The access log is secured to prevent tampering, theft, or loss.

 • Restricted Access to Personal Information

     Access to the database system required to process personal information is restricted. Additional preventive measures controls unauthorized access from outside.


8. Assigning Personal Information Protectors

① Potluck Trip designates personal information protectors to supervise affairs regarding personal information, or to resolve users' claims or damages regarding personal information.

▶ Personal Information Protectors 

     Name: Kim Dae Yeon

     Position: Team Leader, Operations Team


     ※ Connects to the personal information protection office


▶ Personal information protection office

     Office name: Operations Team

     Person in charge: Kim Dae Yeon


② You can ask, file complaints, or claim damages regarding personal information issues from using Potluck Trip by contacting the Personal Information handler or the relevant office. Potluck Trip will provide an answer without hesitation.


9. Potluck Trip Change in Regulations

This Personal Information Processing act will enter into force on the day of initiation. Any additional changes, deletions, or corrections shall be notified 7 days prior to actual departure.