Potluck Stay Terms of Service

Potlcuk Trip is an online intermediary that helps users across the world connect when visiting each other's cities, experiencing each other's cultures, and sharing experience.


Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms are to lay out the rights and responsibilities of users and the rules regarding the use of the Potlcuk Trip service on the Potlcuk Trip website (www.potlucktrip.com) operated by JM International ("Company").


Article 2. Definitions

1.    The terminology used herein are defined as follows:

    • Service: any and all service on or related to Potlcuk Trip that the user can use, regardless of the device, (including but not limited to desktop computer, laptop computer, smart phone, tablet PC). 

Membership: the agreement entered into between the Company and users who agree with these Terms.

    • ID: Potlcuk Trip ID refers to the email address needed to use the service. After you agree to the Terms, enter in the email address to use, and register your password, Potlcuk Trip may require you to authenticate your email address for the final confirmation if needed.

    • Password: the combination of letters and numbers that the users set to protect their account and approved by the Company.

    • Recommended friends: In order to facilitate exchange between members, Potlcuk Trip may recommend members who are assessed to be good matches.

    • Interested friend: Users can designate the recommended friend as an "interested" friend for further management. 

    • Ask for Potlcuk Trip: users can select another member from the friend list to request a Potlcuk Trip. Users can select whether they want to visit as a guest or host the other person when making the request.

    • Authentication: In order to improve the trust between members, several steps of authentication take place.

    • Trip Points: refers to the point system used only within Potlcuk Trip needed to add other members to the friends list.

    • Message: refers to the conversation exchanged between the members on the Potlcuk Trip website.

2.    Any terminologies not defined in the above Article 1 shall be reasonably interpreted in accordance with general commercial practices.


Article 3. Request for Service

1.    Any person that wishes to use the service provided by Company shall fill out the required information in the Request Membership form provided online by the Company. 

2.    Upon the completion of the required items listed in paragraph 1, the Company may request additional information from the users (e.g. ID photo, form of residence, langauges used, address, and other personal information).

3.    As a principle, only one user ID shall be used per one user registered under his or her real name.

4.    Members registered under another person's identity (including name, email, address and contact information) may have their accounts deleted. Any rights associated with such memberships shall be forfeited and be subject to punishment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Article 4. Acceptance and Denial of Request to Use Service

1.    The Company approves the user of service for users who truthfully submit the information stipulated in Article 3 of these Terms and agree to these Terms.

2.    The Company may refuse or defer the request to use the service for any of the following reasons:

    •  If the false information has been included in the information required for the membership request.

    • If the address provided does not match the actual address of residence.

    • If the name and unique personal identification information is identical to those of another member who is already registered.

    • If the Company determines that the user in question is incapable of normally using the service.

    •  If it is determined that the request for use has been made via any other unjust or illegal means.


Article 5. Responsibilities of the Member

1.    The Member shall accurately provide his or her personal information and residence information in order to facilitate exchange on Potlcuk Trip. Members shall also update any changes to their information as soon as possible.

2.    Members should be capable of seamless and consistent communication with the Company. As exchange of information takes place particularly frequently via e-mail, members should check and respond to these immediately.

3.    Members should faithfully exchange opinions while also providing accurate information to other parties when using the Potlcuk Trip service.

4.    Members shall indicate whether to act as a host or a guest in their personal profiles when using Potlcuk Trip.

5.    Company shall not be responsible for problems that occur during the Potlcuk Trip exchange if the issues are caused by the personal fault of the hosts.

6.    Each member is fully responsible for his or her safety and the security of his or her property during any Potlcuk Trip exchange. The Company shall not be liable for any accidents that occur during the members' exchange.

7.    The information found on the Company's website shall not be used or collected for any purpose other than for a Potlcuk Trip exchange, and any use in violation thereof may be subject to legal action.

8.    Each member shall be liable for the truthfulness and reliability of the information he or she voluntarily entered.


Article 6. Caution During Use of Service

1.    Members shall be fully responsible for any content (including but not limited to text, data, software, music, photos, graphics, and videos) they upload on the Potlcuk Trip website via the bulletin board, email, or any other means. Members are aware that the Company shall not be liable for any such information. Members shall not hold Company liable for any problems that may arise from using such information. 

2.    Members shall not upload or transmit any contents of commercial intent such as advertisements or spam mails without the consent of the Company. Members shall not upload or transmit any files, programs, or viruses of any type that may disrupt or weaken any computer software, hardware, or electronic device.

3.    The Company is not absolutely required to censor or verify any contents that any member uploads or transmits beforehand. The Company reserves the right to delete or edit any such content at the Company's sole discretion without the consent of the originating member.

4.    Each member shall be responsible for logging in with the ID and password assigned to them during registration, and shall be liable for all activities during log in. Members must log out when ending each service session.

5.    Any problems that occur during the Potluck exchange (including but not limited to property loss, inappropriate actions, and communication problems) shall be the mutual responsibility of the members involved therein, and the Company shall not be held responsible. Issues should be solved with the appropriate means by immediately contacting the relevant authorities of the country concerned.


Article 7. Notification of Procedures

1.    Registration in the Potlcuk Trip website is considered to be an explicit expression of intent to engage in Potlcuk Trip exchange. However, members may select their roles as guests or hosts, and the possible dates of activity.

2.    The Company may suggest certain members as guests or hosts through the Recommended Friend system, email, or phone. The receiving member may choose to accept this recommendation or not.

3.    In order to make a friend on the site, Stamps are required. Stamps are a type of points that can be used only within Potlcuk Trip. One Stamp will be expended to make one friend. Additional Stamps may be acquired via purchase.

4.    Members can request Potlcuk Trip exchange with those on their Potlcuk Trip friends list, and indicate whether to be the host or guest.

5.    During the Potlcuk Trip exchange the roles of guest or host shall be fulfilled in accordance with the guidelines provided in each step, during which the members shall provide certain information to each other. 


Article 8. Copyright of Posted Contents

1.    The contents that the member posts on the Potlcuk Trip service shall be protected by the Copyright Law. The copyright of such contents shall belong to the originating creator of the content.

2.    Members hereby permit the Company to use the contents they publish free of charge within the following limits:

    •  Duplicating, transmitting, exhibiting, or distributing the content within the service, and editing the content for this purpose through means such as resizing or simplification.

    • Duplicating or transmitting necessary information to affiliates in order to provide enhanced service such as content search service.

3.    The posts registered by the members may be shared on the Company's blog or homepage and used for promotional purposes. Any liabilities regarding copyright for the posted content shall be held by the originating member.


Article 9. Provision of Information

1.    The Company may provide various information that it deems necessary for the members to use the service via various means including notice messages within the service, service screens, email, or smart phone application. However, members may choose to refuse receiving such information.

2.    The Company may request additional personal information from the members at their consent in order to improve the service and introduce services appropriate for the member.


Article 10. Change or Termination of Contract

1.    Member may terminate the usage contract by notifying the Company of the desire to terminate the contract. 

2.    The usage contract is terminated when the member's desire to terminate reaches the Company.

3.    Any Stamps remaining in the member's account at termination per the request of the member shall be immediately destroyed. The member's information shall be deleted.

4.    Member that terminated the contract cannot re-register on the same day of termination. Once terminated, the same ID cannot be reused to open a new account.

5.    A member who terminates the contract according to this article may re-register as a member in accordance with the relevant procedures and provisions.

6.    Termination of service use contract by the member will delete all posts made by the member. (However, messages exchanged with other members and reviews are not included in these posts to be deleted. Transaction records shall be stored for five years in accordance with relevant laws).


Article 11. Restrictions on Use of Service

1.    The Company may restrict a member from using the service for any of the following reasons:

    • Use of profane ID or nickname;

    • Gravely insulting other users or disrupting the service;

    • Upon the request for corrective action from relevant authorities such as the Korea Internet Safety Commission;

2.    Members already using the service may have their accounts suspended, reset, or terminated without any prior notice in accordance with the relevant regulations on malicious users and the above restriction regulations.


Article 12. Effective Date

1.    These Terms shall immediate enter into effect on the day of the membership registration.