Nagoya Borim's journey to Hayashi in Nagoya

About myself


Living in Daegu, South Korea / 22 years old / A college freshman / Borim Lee

I am a college student majoring in nursing. I applied for a homestay program to learn Japanese culture through Potluck Stay because I'm learning Japanese in order to find a job at a hospital in Kobe, Japan. Happily, I could have a chance to stay at Hayashi's home in Nagoya during 4 nights and 5 days. It was such a great experience since it's been the first time for me to stay at the Japanese home for days and they even had 3 cute puppies which I'm very fond of.


About the host

The host of my homestay this time was an old lady called Ms. Hayashi. She thought and behaved so young for an old generation, and very warm and kind that I couldn't appreciate her enough. And she was a big fan of Super Junior and had met them in person, which I as Korean haven't. She had such a young mind to show me the photos taken with them, so it's hard for me to feel any generation gap.



About the house of the host


The house of Ms. Hayashi where I stayed this time was located in Midori area, Nagoya.  When I entered a small gate next to a parking lot, I could found a mailbox right next to the gate. I went straight till I got to the front door. There were lots of trees in the garden, and she also raised birds, so I felt as if I had been in the woods opening my eyes in the morning with the birds' tweets, which I really loved. The subway station was a bit far from home to walk, but I can use a bus to get there.


The indoor slippers Ms. Hayashi prepared for me


  The puppy called Ryu which liked me very much ^-^ It wagged the tail whenever I got up in the morning, and so charming to sleep at my feet. ^0^ It was said to be a hybrid of a toy poodle and a yorkshire terrier, but strangely big.


The kitchen where Ms. Hayashi always baked and made a cup of coffee for me


Another puppy. It had the name meaning 'flower' in Korean. Hana was a toy poodle, very charming but sometimes very  dollish too.


The table where we always had bread and coffee in the morning sitting in a circle, and had chit-chat in the evening having some drinks and nuts or chocolate . Whenever we eat something, Ryu sent us a silent sign to allow it one bite gazing at us one step behind. LOL


The room I stayed. I was told that it's the coolest of all the rooms in the house. It was really so cool that I didn't need an air conditioner.  And there was a fluffy mattress spread on the floor and I could have a sound sleep.


  A puppy in the yard called Skipper. It was the oldest and had problems in its legs. I felt pity for it since it kept staying outside alone probably due to its long hair.


Food , talks and activities with the host



We went to the airport culinary hotspot called Maruha upon my arrival at the airport. The fried shrimp was their best and raw fish was incredibly tasty too!
Looking at the photos now, it makes my mouth watering so much, and I really feel like visiting the place again. LOL


Bread spread with bean butter and a cup of coffee which I
brought as a gift for her were served in the first morning! Bean butter made from black bean was less sweet than peanut butter and very yummy~! In addition, I had miso egg too.


There was a place practicing Sumo at 7 a.m., so we drove to the place as soon as I got up.
Sumo has similar rules to those of Korean wrestling, but the way they warmed up was very different from ours. It was a very fun experience which I can hardly have at other times.


This man was Mr. Sugimoto having trained aikido together with Ms. Hayashi. He was so kind to take me to the ninja museum which was 2 hours away. He was very witty and helped me have many exciting experiences. I really want to meet him again if he would visit Korea one day.


Click with Ms. Hayashi in front of the manju store where Mr. Sugimoto recommended! The old traditional street was really beautiful so was the inside of the store!!! The manju tasted perfect too!!!


With Ms. Hayashi and Mr. Sugimoto holding a big abacus in the manju store ^0^


With Ms. Hayashi in the photo zone in front of the manju store. I should step on some bricks to take this picture. LOL A cut taken very tough.^3^


Listening to the brief explanation before entering the ninja museum!!!
I look so funny in the picture holding a sword which the guide in the ninja museum had me do. LOL Ms. Hayashi looks very real too.


  This photo was taken in a short setting moment because the shooting was prohibited in the area.
The ninja show was one of the best which I've had!! It was so exciting I couldn't find the right word to explain it.
It was a very interesting performance mixed with a comedy in between stunts using the tool lying next to the performer.


Throwing about 6 or 7 daggers given to me like darts!!! I didn't realize I should hit the scoreboard in the center until throwing 3 daggers or so, and threw really hard after that. LOL Ms. Hayashi and Mr. Sugimoto praised me that I was really good at it.   ^3^~


The restaurant for lunch we visited after the ninja museum!!


  An onigiri and a manju which I bought earlier, plus a bowl of rice covered with beef!! I really stuffed but just so yummy!!




The next stop was the friend's store of Mr. Sugimoto!! He said he got surprised to learn a cup of coffee cost as much as 10000 won when he once visited Seoul even though I forgot his name now. LOL So I told him 1L Americano in Daegu cost just 1500 won and promoted him a bit about Daegu.  I'd really like to try the sandwich at the store but sold out even before 4 p.m. ㅠㅠ So sad but couln't help but to leave taking a rain check.

borim00027 borim00028

The inside of a café having a cute decoration! I drank Kalpis(a kind of Japanese drink of Asahi Beer company which is same as Milkis of Korea but little bit sweeter  ) and a chocochip cookie next to it was exactly for me. I couldn't take pictures after this schedule but I ordered 10 bags of bread my boyfriend had asked me and bought some for me for next morning!! I had an ice cream too Mr. Sugimoto recommended. It tasted a bit like Encho of Korea which I can't remember its name now. ㅠㅠ However, it tasted so lovely and want have another now ~~~~~~


A museum of cloth which was dyed in a Japanese traditional way by making pattern with thread after eating the bread I had bought the previous day . I went to watch the video after being ticketed!



I stopped to see how they really do it before I watched the introduction was amazing!!   The old lady was needling with thread to make patterns.

I could see two ways of various ways closely. The speed they moved their hands was incredible!!!




Yosinoya where we stopped by to have lunch and to buy a bento for the brother of Ms. Hayashi in the second day.  It was the place for kyudong and they said this place was better than Hotomoto and asked if there was no Yoshinoya in Korea. Though the search, I found it disappeared in Korea just after having opened for a very short time since it hadn't been popular.ㅜㅜ It seemed to be one of the largest kyudong franchises there.



   Kimchi Ms. Hayashi prepared for me!! LOL It tasted a bit more spicy than that in Korea...LOL More spicy but less salty. Hmm…it was Japanese Kimchi tasting strange to me.


  A subway ticket for Nagoya Castle!!!     As much as 3000 won ㅠㅠ The transportation in Japan was expensive, indeed! ㅜㅜ


et off into the Nagoya Castle ~~



  Another building next to the Nagoya Castle. The wallpaper in the building was incredibly beautiful! Each room had the explanation which guided the room and it was great to be able to see a variety of beautiful rooms, it was a bit hot inside though



  At last, the Nagoya Castle in front of my eyes!!! It was so pleasing to see the real building which I had only seen in photos. It was fortunate for me to go to visit the Castle this time which I couldn't make in Osaka last time   ^-^ It was so hot that I had an ice cream browsing a souvenir shop before entering the Castle~~~~





The inside of the Castle and the view from it~~~ 

There was a vending machine selling coins when I climbed up to the observatory.

If I put the coin into the imprint machine next to the vending machine after selecting the coin I want in the machine, I could even get an imprinted coin!! At first, I just picked a coin without knowing I could get an imprint on it just because it was so cute! I left the Castle having an imprint of the name on it LOL So exciting


    Sushiro, a sushi restaurant we visited for dinner following the Castle. It was kind of a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant like a 100 yen sushi restaurant. The quality was excellent in spite of its low price!! I'd have liked to have more just if my stomach were a bit bigger.




Salmon was the real best, even though there is only one photo of it left since I ate them up as soon as they came out!!!    It was a really good sushi restaurant for me being crazy about salmon, super! I'd be sure to visit Suhsiro if I can get another chance to eat sushi in Japan!!



   The breakfast for the fourth day~  A hot spring egg, bread and a cup of coffee! 

After eating bean butter tasting excellent even when I ate it two times, I went to experience so called "day service" (A rehabilitation service given 2-3 times a week when one buys a care insurance in Japan)! Ms. Hayashi thought I was working as a caregiver. Haha I've learned a lot from the experience.


A day with Nozomi, my friend!!


  Nozomi, my Kakaotalk friend is working in a department store near the Sakae station in Nagoya! I haven't known her very long but we really enjoyed talking each other laughing a lot! Nozomi speaks fluent Korean, so we could have conversations in Korean after 4 days I had arrived in Japan. She guided me lots of great restaurants and attractions in Korean!



One day pass, which was my transportation card for a day!!! I was happy to buy it because I could use it up, eventually I hadn't use bus even once though  ! The date is pressed at the back like that ~




  Another sushi lunch with Nozomi LOL I seemed to be salmon hunter...LOL The green fried tofu sushi above was made of green tea powder. Errrrrrrrr    They seemed to think really different from us. LOL It felt like eating lots of green tea powder with fried tofu sushi simultaneously…maybe? I also tried natto sushi, there left no photos of it though, it exactly tasted like eating fast-fermented soybean paste of Korea. Nozomi ate 5 dishes, I ate 6 dishes but she cost only 800 yen while I cost as much as 1800 yen…LOL Salmon is too expensive ㅠㅠ a sad thing.




The next place was Os!! We may call the street for young people in Nagoya…very crowded place in the city!! I was so surprised to see a Korean snack bar LOL It's so funny to locate a Korean snack bar in such a place as Nagoya where few Koreans are living   !!


   A sticker photo with Nozomi! Japan was so sophisticated in sticker photos as expected! Automatic photoshop is almost a state of the art! LOL



    I found a costume shop and a small shop with the background of Alice in Wonderland passing by the street. LOL If you enter the small door seen above, the store pops up!


We hurried to the aquarium to watch a dolphin show since raindrops started to fall!




Wow, only pictures of them are so healing ~~~~ ^0^ It was just great because I love sea and water so much.    I love sea creatures too! The best of them is penguins and dolphins by far. The dolphin show was really super!!!! I loved it as much as I want to watch it once more ~


   A meat buffet Nozomi recommended!! I'd be willing to come again such a great place, it's very expensive though  !!!! All stuff from meat to rice, noodle, and dessert were just super! 


Oasis 21 where we visited after dinner~ It had an excellent night view suitable for couples dating. TV tower did a great job in the beautiful night view, it slightly fell short of my expectations though. I wanted to visit this place with my boyfriend holding hands.LOL


Farewell to Ms. Hayashi and my review of the trip


  Time flies and the last day of my trip came...ㅜㅜ Ms. Hayashi and her husband got to be so close to me in such a short time! I really hated to leave them. I surely promise to come again!! I will never forget their kindness to drive me to the airport in a rainy day and all the hospitality they gave me while I was staying there.


Through this homestay, I could learn more Japanese culture and became more eager to learn Japanese. Most of all, I was able to have a valuable chance meeting good people which I can never buy with money. Luckily enough, I could spend my 4 nights and 5 days in such a nice relationship. It was so great an experience that I decide to leave again, once another chance is allowed to me anytime! Honestly, I was concerned a bit about the homestay at first, but it was such an amazing experience once I faced it. Especially I am happy that I was able to have many valuable memories different from a simple trip of my own. I just wish them to live long, happy, and healthy lives. I hope to keep in touch with them all for a long time!