Seoul Dong Leelee & Kevin at Potluck Trip House in Seoul

Self introduction

Donglee Lee / 23/ From China/ undergraduate(graduate-to-be)/ Majored Department of Mass Communication

Kevin is my cousin, and he’s a friend of mine too. It was the first time we’ve taken a trip together.

Kevin could speak Korean, so we had no problem with communicating with Koreans during our trip.

 Kevin is a student in Medical college of Wenzhou.
He is usually busy studying his major, so we decided to take a trip to Korea at the end of this summer vacation.

Introducing two hosts and their houses.

On this trip to Korea, we visited the house of two Korean hosts.

We felt very pleasant during an overall trip, and people in Korea were cute and warmhearted like Chinese people living in Northern East region.

The first host is Kim Kyung Ha, working in 'Potluck stay house'.

Other people in the studio were kind to us too.

We talked a lot about taking a trip.

Kevin was able to speak Korean so we did not have any difficulty in communicating, but I could speak only English so I could not communicate deeply.

But they were really passionate and friendly to us.

The picture below is taken with me, Kevin and hosts altogether.

We spent 3 days in this warmhearted room, and it was so pleasant and relaxing overall.

The potlucks stay house is located near Yangjae Station in Kangnam, Seoul. You can arrive there in 5 minutes’ walk.

If you enter an alley from the main street, you will reach residential quarter.

Many of buildings resembled Korean style, and especially the wall made up of red brick was such a beauty.
We took a photo of it in many angles, and it seemed to be beautiful regardless of the angle.
If you like taking photos on your journey, you will definitely like here.

Our second host was Dongwoo, a Korean undergraduate.

He was living alone near his academy. It was a little small, but we could have meaningful time there.



Precious time with hosts.

If a trip is just walking along attractions of the place, then it would be dull in my view.

For me, a trip is having an intimate experience with local life, and see the life of people in other regions, living with us around the world.


(1) Famous restaurant where we enjoyed with hosts

It seems to become a worldwide custom to take a photo before eating.

This one is the dish which we ate as a lunch with our first host~

Although there are many Korean restaurants in China, most of them are foods like fried chickens.

It was the first time we ate naengmyeon(with ice in it), and it was very cold and tasty!

 It was such a special taste, and we really appreciate hosts for taking us there.

The second host we met! It was just a hangout without visiting his house, but we could make one more native Korean friend!

As Kevin could speak Korean, they had lots of talks together.

We visited the high street in Kangnam. At night we ate chicken and peach flavored soju together.

It was really delicious, and the wrapper was really cute too.


(2)Visiting Korean singing room with hosts.

In China, we call singing room as ktv.

 Korean singing room is really amazing. It costs 1000 Won to sing three songs.

 In China, we pay money by time.

Kevin is singing! I took without his permission. He sang Korean song!!

In Korea, the score is displayed after the singing. In China, some have this function, others don’t.

I got 98 point.. It was really happy!


(3)Home cooking with hosts.

While visiting other countryies, one of the main purpose may be enjoying diverse dishes in various restaurants,
but it is rare to have experience about eating and taking communication together with the country’s native person. .

This one is what we ate for lunch as a food for farewell.

We went to store together and bought ingredients we need to cook.

Dongwoo made Korean beef soup with tofu. He put a little amount of gochujang concerning that we could not eat too spicy food.

I made cooked shrimp with carrot and corn dish.Koreans may not have eaten this food before.

 It is simple, but a very delicious side dish. Kevin made hongsyaoreou, and it was very tasty too.


Pleasant time we had in Korea


(1)Korean bathhouse.

Korean bathhouse is also in Shanghai, but bathhouse in Korea was really cheap with great facility.

We saw elders enjoying bathhouse together, and it resembled Korean drama.

This one is egg and sweet rice drink. Dongwoo stressed that they are necessities when you visit a bathhouse.


(2) Gwangjang Market, the best place in Korea.

The food court in Korean Gwangjang Market!

When we arrive the place, it seemed to be the most traditional food court in Korea.

We sat anywhere in the market and ate Korean tteok bok ki, gimbap, and jokbal. They tasted different compared to dishes in China.

We saw directing of entertainment programs while visiting Korea.

 In China, we never had such experience since China is too big. We first saw it at the Gwangjang Market.

I’ve never seen them before, but they seemed to direct cooking show.


(3)The scenery of Seoul in Namsan.

Every city has its representative attraction, and Namsan is one of Seoul.

There were lots of people in Namsan, but it was a really beautiful place.

So we watched landscape of Seoul on Namsan, and even saw the sunset. Seoul is such a beautiful city.


Leaving Seoul

We visited Seoul for a week. It may be short or it could be long, according to your own terms.

Korea is such an attractive country, and it is easy to live and take a journey in there.

Especially we took a trip with natives in Korea, so we could deeply experience the life of locals.
This journey was special, for traveling with friends in Seoul together.